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    Break language barriers and unlock global potential with Feltiv's cutting-edge 
    AI-powered localisation solution
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All your localisation needs, in one place

Voice Automation
Subtitles and Closed Captions
Document Translation
Project Management
Voice Automation

Craft human-like synthesised voices with AI-powered voice automation & engineering, featuring pre-built neural voices and customisable option to train human voices

  480+ pre-built voices across 150+ languages & dialects

  Transcribe, translate & assign voices for dubbing

  Ability to download audio for each paragraph separately

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Subtitles and Closed Captions

Effortlessly converts spoken words into time-stamped transcriptions

  Supports over 140+ languages and dialects

  Average TAT of about 15-20 minutes for one-hour audio

  Batch upload support for up to 20 files in a project at a time

  Extract insights such as speaker recognition, emotions & sentiments

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Document Translation

Break language barriers by translating a wide range of document types with unparalleled accuracy and absolutely no change in your formatting.

  Supports over 140+ Languages

  Retains document formatting

  Facility to add your own glossary

  Average TAT of 7 mins for 2000 words

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Project Management

Collaborate effortlessly with your team and stay in control at every stage of the 

localisation process.

  Onboard your team & assign them projects

  Track project status

  Get notified on every change in the project

   Review projects and give comments 

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Why Feltiv?


From transcribing audio to translations to voice automations with AI voices, Feltiv streamlines the entire localization process in one integrated platform.

Content Storage

All your content can be accessed from one secure place. No more sharing content and delivery files over drive or email.

Fast Bulk Processing

Handles bulk processing of audio transcription and document translation, enabling you to localise your content faster than ever.

Time & Cost Saving

Feltiv accelerates your localisation processes, delivering results in a fraction of traditional timeframes, thus saving costs by a huge margin.


We understand the importance of safeguarding your sensitive content. Feltiv prioritises security first to protect your data with industry standards.


Onboard your localisation team and let relevant stakeholders collaborate on projects with shared access to project files & real-time communication.


Who we cater?

Media & Entertainment

  • Subtitling & Closed Captioning for OTT & Theatrical content
  • Audio Description using AI voices in multiple languages
  • Translating Scripts in Regional languages 
  • Filler voices using AI voices

Banking & Financial Services

  • Multilingual Interfaces for digital banking platforms
  • Localising Marketing Campaigns tailored for the region
  • Localising Customer Education for increasing Digital Outreach 
  • Enabling Employee Trainings in regional languages 

Education & E-Learning

  • Translating E-Learning Course Content in multiple languages
  • Localise Audio / Video Tutorials using subtitles and AI voices
  • Convert Text-based Courses into audio using AI voices
  • Localise Training Videos in multiple languages  

Pharma & Healthcare

  • Localizing Drug Labels and Packaging 
  • Translating Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) for patients 
  • Multilingual Clinical Trial Consent Forms for participants
  • Enabling Employee Trainings in regional languages 

Tourism & Hospitality

  • Enabling Audio Guides in multiple languages using AI voices
  • Translate Website Content for regional audiences
  • Localize In-Room Information Material as per guests nationality
  • Translate Restaurant Menus for guests from around the globe

Manufacturing & Retail

  • Enabling multilingual Technical Documentation & User Manuals 
  • Localizing Labels, Packaging & Shipping Information
  • Translating Marketing Material for regional campaigns


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